Markenstrategie: Konzept und Vorgehen Markennamen von Unternehmen, Produkten und Dienstleistungen Marken- und Künstlernamen von Sängern, Schauspielern, Sportlern und sonstigen Persönlichkeiten des Öffentlichen Lebens Markenlogos: Wortmarke, Bildmarke/Symbole und Charaktere Slogans: Kurze,  markante Phasen zur Marke und ihrer USP
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Strategic Brand Management - Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity

von Kevin Lane Keller (2003)

Strategic Brand Management von Kevin Lane Keller (2003)"Brand equity can be thought of as the marketing effects
uniquely attributable to the brand."
(S. XVII; ähnlich S. 42)

"The ability of a strong brand to simplify consumer decision
making, reduce risk, and set expectations is .. invaluable."
(S. 2)

"Many .. managers ... [define] a brand in terms of having actually
created a certain amount of awareness, reputation, prominance ...
in the marketplace."
(S. 3)

"A brand is ... a product, but one that adds other dimensions
that differentiate it in some way from other products designed
to satisfy the same need."
(S. 4)

"A brand is something that resides in the minds of consumers."
(S. 13)

"Branding is all about creating differences." (S. 42)

"Strategic brand management involves the design and implementation of marketing programs and activities
to build, measure, and manage brand equity."
(S. 44)

"The power of a brand lies in what customers have learned, felt, seen, and heart about a brand as a result
of their experience over time."
(S. 59)

"Customer-based brand equity occurs when the consumer has a high level of awareness and familiarity
with the brand and holds some strong, favorable, and unique brand associations in memory."
(S. 67)

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